Read This If You Are Considering A Bitcoin Investment

Read This If You Are Considering A Bitcoin Investment

When Bitcoin goes up, people start buzzing. When Bitcoin goes down, people start buzzing, albeit in a much different way. It’s a love/hate relationship it seems that people have with the world of digital currencies. Myself, I’m invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. I also want to get back into investing in Ripple, but I’m waiting for my broker to bring it on board for it to be easy. Are you about to make a Bitcoin investment?

Why invest in Bitcoin or any other digital currencies? I have racked my brain as an investor trying to come up with the next Amazon. Haven’t we all? I invest in plenty of companies I think are going to do well into the future. However, what company could be the next Amazon?

You could look at smaller semiconductor compnaies. You could look at companies like Yext, who are involved in software development. There are gaming companies, which I do invest in and I think are going to do well. There are even companies like Apple. The company became the first trillion dollar company, and its stock price is right above $200 currently. With its prospects in place, why not just ride that stock on up to $2000 like AMZN is about to hit?

After many years, I have actually been considering an investment in Apple. Yet that would be an obvious play. What’s not an obvious play is an investment in Bitcoin. Currently, the only investment opportunity I can come up with that looks like it could be an Amazon type play is Bitcoin while it’s still in its infancy.

It’s not just about Bitcoin though. In fact, it’s not just about digital currencies. These cryptocurrencies are on the blockchain, but blockchain itself is in its infancy and is not just about digital currencies. It could be that the purpose it serves ends up spreading out more to where an investment in digital currencies would never be the next Amazon type play.

Yet tell that to the people that invested in BTC and rode the coin from $1k on up to $19k. That is a whopper of a return. Just recently, BTC or Bitcoin has been leading the charge for the digital currencies, and it’s back on the rise. Notice when it goes up, other relevant digital currencies tend to follow. It’s because there is a market of interested people out there.

It’s no longer about just one digital currency. It’s like the stock market, and people are looking at all these different crypto-currencies in order to pick the next big winner. If you want my honest opinion, I think Ripple is going to take the cake. No one really knows, however, and we will just have to wait and see.

I really like Dogegoin, too. I like Bitcoin as well, but XRP and DOGE represent a much more significant return if they ever boom like Bitcoin has done. If you are considering a Bitcoin investment, look for ways to get in there without all the fees. I found one, and I can add a little bit of money at a time to my cryptocurrency holdings.