Things to Remember when Visiting Vancouver — Currency Exchange in Canada

Things to Remember when Visiting Vancouver — Currency Exchange in Canada

Those visiting Vancouver will be treated to some of a terrific urban setting complete with romantic skylines, a varied cuisine and a great selection of activities that attract travelers from far and wide. If you will be heading over to the “City of Glass” here are some helpful tips to make the most of your trip.

1. Mobi Urban Bike Share

If you are looking for a great way to explore all the sights and settings this awesome seaport city has to offer, consider taking advantage of our first rate bike share. You can obtain a 24 hr. pass that allows you to use the bikes for up to 30 minutes at a time. You get unlimited 30 minute bike rides for just under $10. If you want a great way to view the Stanley Park Seawall, grab a bike and take a ride. This is only one of the many naturally beautiful attractions found in Vancouver.

2. Time of Year Tourist Seasons and Weather!

Vancouver enjoys an absolutely splendid summer with balmy temperatures in the 20’s to 30’s. Along with this charming weather, Vancouver also hosts a large tourist population, prices are comparatively higher and many of the hotels will be all booked up. You may consider coming in the spring or early autumn. May and September are the perfect balance of great weather and accessible amenities. Coming in the winter would introduce you to some pretty unpleasant weather in this corner of Canada.

3. Currency Exchange and keeping cash in your wallet!

Currency exchange in Canada is available at many different locations and Vancouver is no different. You can find exchange services that offer online transactions and then there are major banks that offer services at specific locations. Currency exchange in Canada can be confusing as different service providers offer different service prices and other details. Independent providers are often the best choice as their rates and deals are very competitive. Banks can also offer good deal on US dollars and other currencies. The airport exchange service can be one of the most expensive currency exchange in Canada.

4. Nature and Hikes The Natural Side!

Visiting Vancouver in the spring or fall is the best time to enjoy the natural features of this fine city and even practice some healthy forest bathing. The Grouse Grind is a challenge for the physically fit and competitive. Those who can complete the 2.9 Kilometer distance in under an hour are considered very physically fit.

5. Trying the Eats and staying in a budget.

At first glance, eating out in Vancouver can seem like an expensive prospect. But, if you are willing to look around your will find some of the best sushi eateries this side of the Pacific, Vancouver is famous for them. There are actually more than 600 different such restaurants in the Greater Vancouver area and man offer prices that are on point to a budget-conscious traveler like yourself. Look for “Toshi” for an prime example of innovative and delicious Vancouver Sushi.